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Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer

Tao ZOU, aged 47, is currently an executive Director, the chief executive officer (“CEO”) and a member of the Environmental, Social and Governance Committee of the Company. Mr. ZOU is a director of Seasun Holdings, a director of Cheetah Mobile (NYSE: CMCM), Chairman of Kingsoft Office (SSE STAR Market: 688111) and the vice chairman of the board of directors, and the acting CEO of Kingsoft Cloud (Stock Code: 03896 and NASDAQ: KC). Mr. ZOU also serves as a director of Xunlei Limited (NASDAQ: XNET) from 1 December 2016 to 2 April 2020 and a director of 21Vianet Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: VNET) from 1 December 2016 to 14 December 2020. Mr. ZOU graduated from Nankai University in 1997. Mr. ZOU joined us in 1998 and was responsible for the development of our Kingsoft Powerword. Mr. ZOU has been responsible for our entertainment software business since 2004 and served as the CEO of Seasun Holdings until January 2018. Mr. Zou has served as acting CEO of Kingsoft Cloud since 2022.

Mr. ZOU became a senior vice president of the Company in December 2007 and has been an executive Director of the Company since August 2009 and the CEO of the Company since December 2016.

Mr. ZOU is also a director of certain subsidiaries of the Company.